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Диски серии


Armstrong, Louis / CD1

1. Great Original Performances (1923-1938), 2. Louis Armstrong Complete Edition Vol.4 (1924-1925), 3. Louis Armstrong The Hot Fives Vol.1 (1925-1926), 4. Louis Armstrong The Hot Fives And Hot Sevens (1926-1927), 5. Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines Vol.4 (1927-1928), 6. Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939), 7. Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940) + Фотографии

Штрихкод:  4601365007473 Код каталога:  RM-025 MP3


Armstrong, Louis / CD2

1. Plays W.C.Handy (1954), 2. An Evening With Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars (1956), 3. Basin Street Blues (1957), 4. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Porgy And Bess (1958), 5. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (1959), 6. Live At The Newport Jazz Festival (1960), 7. Pete Foutain Presents The Best Of Dixieland (1961), 8. What A Wonderful World (1968) + Фотографии.

Штрихкод:  4601365007480 Код каталога:  RM-026 MP3